Join the discussion: “The House of Velvet and Glass”

Couldn’t make it to the book group? Join the discussion here! Use the comments to tell us what you thought of the book. Here’s a question to get you started:
In the story, there are characters who can see into the future and see the fates of the people they love. If you could, would you want to possess the ability to see into the future of the people you love? Explain why this would be a blessing, a curse, or both.


One thought on “Join the discussion: “The House of Velvet and Glass”

  1. Kathy says:

    For me, the core of the book was one question-if you could see the future, would you want to? Given the fact that Sybl and her father could see the future, and then other versions of the future (and if you thought the future was bad, wait until you saw the alternatives), but not really avoid the tragedies, I wouldn’t. This is very similar to a commen quandry in time travel stories: the future will unfold as it will, and whatever you do to try and “improve” things, only makes things worse.

    It is also interesting how much focus there has been on the Titanic lately. The author says in her epilogue that it was the seminal event of the time, and when reading the book I was starting to think the same thing. However, when I read her comment in the epilogue, I wonderd how much my opinion was being shaped by her bias. Do you think it was the 9/11 of the beginning of the 20th century?


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