The Results Are In! March Book Announcement!

For our March meeting we will be discussing “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown Click on the book cover to reserve your copy. April’s poll is coming soon!



Join the discussion: “The House of Velvet and Glass”

Couldn’t make it to the book group? Join the discussion here! Use the comments to tell us what you thought of the book. Here’s a question to get you started:
In the story, there are characters who can see into the future and see the fates of the people they love. If you could, would you want to possess the ability to see into the future of the people you love? Explain why this would be a blessing, a curse, or both.

Rare Reads now has a Goodreads group!

We now have a Goodreads group that you can use to discuss books, check the dates of the next meetings and generally get to know each other! Here is the link:

I have sent an email invite to all our regular members too.

The Goodreads group is just an add on to our usual activities. If you don’t get online often or don’t want to be a member of Goodreads then don’t worry, it is absolutely not essential!